These two impeccable yogurt parfait photographs were made and photographed in my home studio but in the kitchen area this time under a window facing south. Can you tell if they were taken using natural light or diffused off-camera flash? The answer I hope, is NO.

Coming clean, they were taken using my off-camera flash with a 3ft octobox diffuser with grid. The diffused light allows me to enhance the product and fill in shadows while concentrating on my main subject in the front. The grid that attaches to the octobox box allows for more of a concentrated direction of light to my subjects rather than spilling over giving me more control. I love the softness of the yellow tones and the creamy whites this photo displays because of the diffused flash.

PHD REMEDY: Take note of how the composition of the yogurt dishes lead your eyes back to the front of my main subject aka My Hero! I also did not allow the corners of my glasses to touch, leaving a space for your eyes to flow through naturally.

Finally, in the last photo I added a human element, which is always a great little addition and it’s me in the photo :-). I used my Nikon remote, which I purchased at a photo store for $25 (YIKES). However, if you are on a budget, try looking on for a generic version, which I also have on Amazon. You can score one for the time being for much less money and should work just the same until you can get the applicable product for your camera gear. I always recommend getting the gear made for your camera type but cost wise that’s not always possible.

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope I have inspired you to get out your flash, take it off your camera and practice this technique.